WSOP 2009: Suckout Paradise


Joe Cada loves himself some small pairs.

I’m still up for some reason.

Cada was once down to only 2 million chips, but he’s now again the chipleader

Cada 91 mill

Moon  63 mill

Saout 40 mill

Cada survived an all in race with Ivey with 44

He survived an all in with 33 crushed by Jeff Shulman’s Jacks

He has now just won a huge hand against Antoine Saout with 22 against the Frenchman’s QQ

This should make for some really entertaining television, but it’s not a great example of skill over luck.

Eric Buchman played great but was seemingly the only one to lose with AQ against AK and finished 4th.

Moon has played horribly, but he’s still a threat to luck box his way to the 8 million.

Cada is fearless. Moon is tired and clueless. Saout has played very solidly.

If Moon makes the heads up – Monday’s battle could be very odd.

Wait a second – Saout just shipped it in with eights and Cada called with AK

Someone said this is for the tournament since apparently no one thinks that Moon can win.

This could be the end of the night if Cada can win this 96 million dollar pot.

Here’s a coin flip for history.

Flop is 5 5 4

Turn: 10

River:  King!!!!!!!

Phil Hellmuth: Cada is the luckiest player in the history of the World Series!

Cada vs. Moon – this could be the biggest epic battle since Ben Affleck choked away that Celebrity Poker Showdown against the guy who played Carrie Bradshaw’s gay friend on Sex and the City.

Monday night: 21 year old luck box with a track record and a big chip lead versus the crazy luck box logger.

My Monday prediction:

My prediction for monday

First hand Moon is all in with A2 off

Cada calls with 33

flop is 3 K Q

turn 4

river 5

Whoever wins they will probably be crushed when all the money goes in!

Since Moon is so obviously outclassed, he should be either folding or shoving every hand – which seemed like his strategy late today anyway.

Cada should wait him out, but he seems unable to fold any pair so it should be a wild and hilarious final two.

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