Zach Morris is in

Genius idea by Jimmy Fallon to try and reunite the old Saved by the Bell Gang. It’s essentially Generation X, or whatever we were on then’s Brady Bunch. Around the early ’90s I’d get home from work about 2 PM and be exhausted, and it was always on so I’ve seen more episodes than I’d feel comfortable admitting. Of course, I preferred the much more mature Fifteen, which I think was on Nickleodeon. Now that was a great teen show.

As for how hard it will be for Jimmy to achieve his goal:

The guy that played Belding is obviously in to do anything. He’s willing to do Principal Belding – The Senile Years. Mario Lopez will appear anywhere for any reason often topless. I’m sure both Elizabeth Berkely and the girl who played Lisa, are both also willing to appear instantly and also topless if it’s done artistically.

Dustin Diamond, though, he’s sort of ornery about how his dorkiness was shamelessly masqueraded throughout his entire childhood. They’ll more than likely have to offer him a sandwich or something to appear.

Tiffany Amber Theissen? I’m sure she’ll make the right decision for her, because last I checked she was still hot and happening.

Reuniting them all on the Jimmy Fallon show is definitely superior to having to do it in a porno, the odds of which, are still only about 5-1.

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