Commercials and Infomercials

With this incentive how can I resist?

Red House Furniture – MLK’s Dream Realized!

God, I love product placement!

Clear Blue Pregnancy Tests: Is any woman alive really this stupid?

Teddy Bears dipped in sleaze

The racism of drug free ads!

The inanity of advertising

God help us all

The most offensive commercial of all time

Yet another Levi’s commercial you need a condom to watch

Extreme Product Placement 

Creflo Dollar $ay$ thanks for the Rolls Royce

Forget Obama Execute the Spammers

Only Cool Rock Star Endorsement Ever

Pastor Kerney Thomas

Valerie Bertinelli for Jenny Craig

Bill Hicks is finally EXACTLY correct


I’m Wary Because I’ve Been Screwed Before!

The Internet: An Ad Man’s Dream

Reese’s Elvis Peanut Butter and Banana Creme Cups

Soft Rock Classics: The Best Infomercial Ever

No Gimmick … Just Real Science

Domino’s Oreo Pizza

The Trump Wealth Building System

Don Stewart Has Green Miracle Handkercheifs

Bishop Jordan Wants You to Be Rich

The New Levi’s Commercials

Above the Influence

Above the Influence II

Marketing to Drug Addicts

Dr. Paul Lewis: Jesus Care for You

My New Favorite Infomercial Charlatan

The McRib Con