Things about me

Here’s how my cell phone rolls

The worst thing I’ve ever laughed at

Why Howard Stern Makes More Money Than Me

I make Miss Cleo look like a Rube

Damn, it may be Kick Brad Laidman’s ass day

Wyatt Earp’s bastard kin nearly beats my ass over $450 pot at the Bike

Bob Dylan used to get away with it

I think I may want to marry this guy’s wife

I’m 46% more likely to die and other good news

Keith Crime and Goddaughter

My Banana Split quandry

Who would you want to be stuck on an airplane with?

My IMDB profile

Entertainment Weekly: Call Me

Born at exactly the wrong time

Calling out an SOS

Sometimes I just want to kill myself

My credibility may be suspect

My Current State of Mind

Maybe I should have gone to private school after all

A-Rod is smarter than me

The future Mrs. Laidman?

Another great moment in Brad Laidman history

Me and Money

The perks of being an alum

There is no indignity too expensive to suffer

My books: Have they found a home?

The universe is indifferent

Crime survives – barely – but you know more upbeat than that

Birdy: Truer words were never spoken

I’m obsolete 

The Man Without Fear!

I’ll be your billboard

Here we go

Life is easy

If only I were Andy Rooney

Brilliance and mood disorders

Can we please stop being so easily offended?

The only mullet I ever emulated

I’m Going to Hell because of Eric the Midget

I resolve to treat life with “Fear and Ignorance”

I find out the answer to an age old question

God Bless Salieri, Ed Wood and the Worst Blogger on the Internet

Get Your Priorities Crooked*

Jon Brion and I: Both Mopes

This Will Be Our Year

The guy I’ve always wanted to be

My biggest flame out

Final Proof that I’m Cursed

Maybe it’s all just chemicals

John Lennon Ruined Me

Elvis Gladys and Me

Shaking hands with heroes

The Passage I’ve wrestled with forever

Me and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I’m friends with Tom Hanks!

Rate My Racism

The Pacific Coast Stock Exchange

Yes, I dig my fans!

What was the name of Clavell’s ode to adolescence? Elvis Costello!

Me vs My Brain an Epic Struggle

The farce of college debate

How to Instantly be an outcast


Paging Dr. Melfi

Beautiful Dreamer Dream Me A Dream

Panic – Loving the worst possible outcome

The panic attack that turned me from Braveheart into Sir Robin

The Breaking Point

Which Meg Ryan are you?

Love on the internet

Square Peg in Round Hole

Secret Weekend

Schulz’ Muse


Screw Thanksgiving

All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.

Shivering Inside

The Confidence Game

The most self pity-ing speech of all time

The resemblance isn’t just physical

Me and Larry David

The different ways of being shy