Britney’s 1977 Comeback Special


Wow, now I even feel sorry for her. My friend Anthony worked the MTV music awards and told me he smelled a disaster, that she couldn’t get the steps right, but wow.

Props, sort of, for the guy who decided to tell Brit to echo Elvis’ late 60’s comeback special. She came out the same way as E, in Vegas with the opening couplet to Trouble andĀ a redlit background of dopplegangersĀ . Problem is E got himself into fighting shape and sang as if his life depended on it. Brit lip synched and wandered around in a dazed stupor as if she had dipped into Dr. Nick’s medicine cabinet. It wasn’t Elvis 1968 it was Elvis 1977. Someone step in before she’s dead, K-Fed gets all her money and TMZ goes out of business.

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