Charlie Wilson’s War


Saw this today some brief thoughts

1. I would have probably given a million to one odds against Aaron Sorkin ever writing an essentially pro-CIA movie. He does get to blame 9/11 on their short sightedness at the end though.

2. Julia Roberts looked goofy in a blonde wig and I couldn’t see her as anything other than Julia Roberts trying to play a very non-Julia Roberts role.

3. It’s almost become impossible to believe Tom Hanks as a womanizer. He’s pretty good in the movie, but he’s Tom Hanks, he’s been Sainted or something. He wasn’t even a womanizer in Bachelor Party. It’s odd, because he’s always had sort of a rougish sense of humor. Somehow, though, he’s reached Jimmy Stewart status, and perhaps he’ll have that edgy late Jimmy Stewart career, which will be reevaluated later on, but for right now it just seems weird seeing him do cocaine and leer at women.

4. Philip Seymour Hoffman rules – but you already knew that.

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