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WSOP Event 39 $5000 No Limit Hold’em Shorthanded

Today we’ll be discussing a hand with internet legend Rob “ChaynesawMSSehKER” Downs. Rob is one of the emerging names in the online poker world, but this year having just turned 21, he is trying his hand at live play.

Rob has $1,500,000 in chips. What are you thinking Rob?

Rob: Well, I’m currently 4th out of thirty. I can probably skate my way to the final table, but with the payoffs escalating quickly I’m going to try to be aggressive and push the more careful players off of hands. We call these players “Pansies” in the online world. In this hand Phil Hellmuth has raised from Early Position. He has $2,000,000 in chips so he has you covered and he’s opened for $200,000. You’re on the button with 9c 10c. What are you thinking here?

Rob: Well, I love playing suited connectors because that’s what it says in Super System. Phil is notorious for playing scared. He will raise with a mediocre hand and fold to a big re-raise. So I’m going to announce my presence with authority and raise to $500,000! Phil calls what are you putting him on here?

Rob: I can see it in his eye that he has a good Ace so I’ll have to tread lightly if an Ace comes. The flop is Ah Jh 4h. You really have nothing here and Phil leads out for $500,000.

Rob: He clearly has a big Ace, but he’s got to be worried about those hearts. So I’m going to be cagey and flat call. I have $500,000 in chips left. The turn is the J of diamonds. Phil checks. What are you thinking?

Rob: This is a clear sign of weakness from Phil. He’s obviously worried about the hearts and the Jack. There is no way he has AJ. I put him on AK off or AQ off. He has to fold to an all in so I push. Phil insta-calls in that annoying I can’t get my chips in fast enough way and shows JJ for Quad jacks. You are out of the event. What are you thinking?

Rob: I can’t believe he called me an internet dork. That was uncalled for. The preening dance and the speech about how all these young kids with their computers can’t play worth a damn wasn’t nice either. I have to go my mother wants me to clean up the basement.

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