Crazy Charlie: Still America’s Favorite Mass Murderer



MSNBC is proud to present humanity’s latest probe into the chasm of nothingness with the Mind of Manson. Sick low grade entertainment disguised as incisive news. The show focuses on an FBI profiler Candice De Long, who has studied Manson and come up with the following deep important discovery “He definitely has his issues.” Geraldo was more credible.


Haven’t we had enough with this grubby little maggot? Do we really have to be subjected to more interviews with the man on these pseudo news shows? Do we really have anything to learn from this burned out acid casualty that we didn’t get from the 400th time Geraldo interviewed him? This is a guy who was so stupid that he gleaned inferences to a huge revolution from a song about going down a slide when the album itself contained not one, but two other songs entitled Revolution. Guess Charlie couldn’t make out the line that said “If you want money for people with minds that hate, all I can tell you is brother you’ll have to wait.” And that’s what he should be doing; rotting in jail waiting for his judgment. Instead as long as there’s money to be made off the man, who gets more fan mail than any prisoner in US History, he’ll get to air his views on television again and again and again.


Here’s a hint for MSNBC. Stop asking him about his murders. He didn’t even commit them. For the most part he had women do his dirty deeds for him. Give Charlie a pen and have him write down his secrets for picking up young girls. Tons of books come out on this subject every year and not one from the master. This guy had been in prison most of his life. He’s barely an inch over five feet. He hasn’t bathed since the 1950’s and somehow he had a whole squad of women willing to service his every sexual need, when they weren’t too busy killing innocent people for him. Spare me his politics. Spare me the retelling of his abhorrent crimes. Give me the lowdown on how to pick up chicks before he dies and puts all us sane people out of our misery.


MSNBC is actually presenting an old interview, since California in a rare bout of sanity has put an end to these televised visits with Uncle Charlie, but this of course doesn’t stop networks from delving back into the past time and again as if there was something to learn about the nature of evil from America’s favorite failed pop star.


Speaking of the Manson Family, how about good old Tex Watson? Here you have a guy that stabbed poor Voityck Frykowski something like 1343 times and yet somehow he has now found God, and I’m guessing is completely convinced that he is going to heaven. Is that how it works? Walk into a house, utter the words “I’m the devil. I’m here to do the devil’s business,” kill a bunch of innocent people in the most gruesome fashion possible, find the lord in prison and get a do over. God, I hope not. Meanwhile, in the time this guy has been in prison, he’s gotten married and had four kids. I haven’t had a date with possibilities in years and this guy has pumped out four kids! Give me a moment as I bash my head into the wall repeatedly.


Look I understand. Charlie puts on a good show. He’ll come out and threaten to kill you. He’ll claim that he ended the Viet Nam war. He’s more fun than a professional wrestler, just stop acting like you’re providing an important service by televising the side show.

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