Crying in the Rain

I was just watching some clips from Elvis Costello’s Spectacle show. One was Crying in the Rain with James Taylor, which really encapsuled the way I’ve been feeling, but James Taylor was James Tayloring in up.

I looked for a version by Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds, who put out an EP of Everly Brothers stuff with the lone Rockpile album. The funniest moment of which is Edmunds audibly disgusted saying “It’s in A, Nick!” No dice.

Then I found this and I don’t know where the fuck it’s from. Did the Everly’s go to West Point or something? Sure is pretty tho.

“With the likelihood of being drafted for two years in the Army, on November 21, 1961, both Everlys joined the Marine Corp Reserves for six months. While in the Corps during the first half of 1962, they had a Top Ten hit with “Crying In the Rain,” but their military commitment restricted them from capitalizing with club dates and tours.”

Who knew?

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