Dakota Fanning: The Only Exception


Amazing the stuff you can find out about politics in USA Today.

Apparently, 7 year olds are allowed to donate up to $4600 to a presidential candidate as long as it’s their own money.  Can we put a stop to this nonsense?

And by this nonsense, I pretty much mean all of political donations. People wonder why our leaders are so corrupt when its candidates spend ten times the amount a job pays to be able to get that job. Sure nutty Barbra Streisand wants to make the country a better place, but everyone else is just buying influence.

I especially like the people that are so smart that they donate to both candidates. Like Don King representing both fighters in a heavyweight championship match, they can’t lose. I believed in you the whole time!

Let’s come up with a better way of picking our leaders. Paint ball fighting could hardly be worse.

One Response to “Dakota Fanning: The Only Exception”

  1. Money has corrupted the political system. It should not be a requirement to be ultra rich get elected.

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