Doug Stanhope on why he hates Jews


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In honor of the Will Smith JDL feud I offer this brilliantly profane routine by Doug Stanhope, who bravely responds to an inaccurate accusation that he said something anti-semetic, by deciding that he’s railed against every other religion why not take on the Jews too. Listen carefully and you’ll realize that Stanhope, of course, isn’t anti-Jew, he’s anti-small mindedness.

The bit is worthwhile just to hear Stanhope dig out from under “He quoted me as saying ‘I hate the Jews.’ … which sounds anti-semetic.”

The routine features one of my all time favorite lines: I’d be far more afraid if someone said “You know that new Nazi, he used to be a Pope”

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  1. great stuff.
    any way to save this?? or better yet…this used to be a clip on YouTube. does anyone have THAT ??

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