Dr. Paul Lewis: Jesus Care For You


Paul Lewis doesn’t have miracle water like Peter Popoff


No he actually has miracle “olive oil soap”


If you use Dr. Paul’s miracle soap you don’t get cash like you do with Popoff, but a lot of cool stuff can still happen. Lewis is this dude from Jamaica. He looks kind of like Mike Tyson’s brother if he had a labotomy. He says stuff like “Jesus care for you.”

I know. I know, you want to know what you get by using the soap. Well, the soap cures Cancer, AIDs, Leukemia, and just about any disease known to man. It even cured a woman who was legally blind, which seemed odd, because if I were legally blind, I wouldn’t be putting soap into my eyes.

You say you are healthy? Check this. If you have a relative in jail, the soap will set him free! I’m not exactly sure why Jesus and God want to free a bunch of rapists and murderers, but apparently this is really good soap.

The next time you hear about someone being bilked out of their savings with some ingeniously evil scam. Say to yourself like I do. At least they didn’t use a Bible.

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  1. I am a 43 years old and have been married almost five years now and beeb trying to get pragnant for my husband and nothing has happened yet. i already had my tubes cleared since 2006 but still nothing. I really want a baby for my husband. i have one son and he is 23 years old. please pray for me.

  2. In 2007 i use the olive oil soap on the night before my surgery.It was miraculous Tha doctors were amazed of the wonderful work of GOD speaking in tongues and preaching the word during a major surgery.

  3. All i can say is that ,the olive oil soap really work, try it and receive your miracle now , for cancer ,aids blindness .what you get , you dont have to keep just try the soap now.

  4. Dr Paul Lewis is truley a man of God i have seen with my eyes the accuracy and anointing and the power of God in this Young Mans Life God truley uses Him in a mighty away In Bar bados I am a supervisor in the Gymnasium and what i have seen the man of God did by the anointing and power of God is awesome n. Paul i Love you you can even sing

  5. This man is truly a man of God, whom God uses mightily, people perfer to marvel at David Copper Field , who uses magic (not of God) I just want to declear, the anointing power of God is real in this man’s life and God uses this man in such a time as this. If there is a bible after this life you would see the name Dr. Paul Lewis. I have tried the Spirit. To God be the glorying, nothing will stop the move of the Holy Spirit in these last days. Dr. Lewis you are a man of purpose.

  6. I have known Dr Paul Lewis for over eight years now and he is truely a man of God. Me and my mom Veronica Dillon had met Dr Paul Lewis in Jamaica at his crusade and from there on he has been a blessing to our soul. People in Westmoreland even cry when he was leaving because of the wonderful things he has done. I agree with Jonathan Douglin because i was in Barbados for his crusade at the Gymnasium and it was awesome. Please continue to do ur good works and pray for me and my family’. Thank u! We Love U’

  7. First I would like to say that the person writing this article sound very ignorant and stupid; one of your first comments was “why would a blind person put soap in their eyes” In the bible didn’t Jesus spit in Clay and put it in a man’s eyes? I don’t know about you but soap sounds a lot better to me! And even if you are not a believer in the healing power of God do you still not wash your face every day with soap or does u run around dirty?
    Your second comment about God freeing people from prison,
    if you really took the time and played attention to what happens you would realize that when they were set free it was because they turned their lives over to Jesus and confessed that what they did was wrong and proposed him as their lord and savior so they are no longer rapist and sinner but born again Christians, change people in Christ Jesus. so what I think you need to do is get saved, get your facts right, and leave the man of God here to do what he was set out to do because obviously something he is doing is right or we wouldn’t be talking about him right now!

  8. Grace and peace to all, i like many of you had the wonderful privilegenof seeing and hearing Rev Dr paul lewis minister several times in barbados, and this last time was even more awesome and powerful than before, i want to say to all the skeptics out there, if Dr paul was not a mn of God why would these healings be lasting ones since a kingdom does not divide against itself and how would he be able to memorize every one address and numbers all at once even if he did look at the partnership slip, i have seen the slips which don’t have on your birthdate, and he calls that as well, and don’t even try saying in the last days many false prophets will arise, because the word also says that “by their fruits you will know them, and i can say all people of this world have faults but all don’t have fruits, and Dr lewis has character, integrity,patience, love and the list goes on, how do i know…I can see and discern, …The man is a man of God and i prayer God strength in his life in jesus name…

  9. I’m asking the LORD to bless me and my family with $20 million dollars in my bank account. I’m asking the LORD to heal my body from the after-math of the stroke. For the LORD to bless me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding in everything i put my hand and mind to do.

  10. When are you going to do a crusade in NC. Maybe near or in Sanford NC. WE NEED YOU HERE!!!!

  11. Please do a crusade in Sanford NC

  12. I have never read in my Bible that someone has had to ever PAY for a miracle or a blessing. And I highly doubt that some so called miracle olive oil soap can cure aids, if it were so…uh, no one would have aids anymore. Come on people, THINK!! And by the way “prophetess” Sherry Ann, the devil can also perform “miracles” and “healings” too. Oh and one last thing, read Matthew 7: 22-23, NOT EVERYONE WHO DOES ALL THESE MIRACULOUS THINGS ‘IN JESUS’ NAME’ IS A ‘MAN OF GOD’, SOME ARE ALSO ‘EVILDOERS’ AS THE BIBLE (which you are supposed to be fairly familiar with as a prophetess) SAYS.

  13. you so call christians are so easily decieved you claim to be able to discern spirits but can’t even see what is infront of you.From what i have seen and read in this article paul lewis is a fake and a false prophet, he claim that barbados would have a shake up the last time he was here three months ago and nothing happened and now he comes back with the same prophecy.If he was in bibical times he would have been stone to death for this.But even worse you people actually believe that a miracle soap can cure these things,What has christianty come to? the new testament church never taught these things and Jesus would be shame of us today for making a mockery of the gospel instead of looking to men look to God.Because men do miracles that does not mean that it is God the bible says that false prophets shall arise and decieve many and shall show great signs and wonders MATT. chapter 24 vs.24 but as I can see that christians are ignorant of the word of God.

  14. i thank god every day for u because of you and god i am a better person i hope that you will have a nice trip to israel and i will pray for you and that one day you will return to barbados to continue to spread his word that is all for now bye rev love you!!!!!!

  15. I didn’t know Agno soap was anything special other than being a good quality Greek olive oil soap (Castille-type). Yet that’s the brand you’ll see featured on his BET show. He wants you to send him $30 first to prove your sincerity after he responds to your initial request for the soap. You can buy it several places online for $2.50 or even less. One site had it for $1.55 per bar. He even says it has no miraculous abilities in itself. At least he’s honest about that point.

    He, Peter Popoff, Don Stewart, Kerney Thomas and the like are offering Hoodoo under the guise of Christianity to mostly Biblically ignorant people with their equivalent of spells and “prophetic” instructions in order to release “miracles”. Look up Hoodoo to see how much it has in common with these charlatans.

  16. Dr. Paul Lewis is a true prophet, stop tearing him up people.Touch not the lord’s dear child and do not wish him any harm, just leave him alone and let him do god’s work. Dr.Paul Lewis is taking care of his father’s business ( THE LORD’S BUSINESS ). Dr. Paul Lewis is bless and highly favored.Jesus has destined Dr. Paul Lewis for greatness.

  17. Rev. Paul Lewis is operating under the power of god.Yes he may have a personality that some people don’t like but please remember he is human just like every one else, he is not perfect but he is a true man of god. He is true.

  18. This is you day… point of contact… God loves you…
    Bless ME, Bless ME, Bless ME,…
    Not one word of repentance, not ONE!
    This is how you discern whether this man is of God or of the devil!
    If a man comes in his own name you will receive him gladly, but if a man comes in the name of Christ, you will not.
    Come out of her (Babel) and turn away from you sins.
    Beware of false Christ in sheep’s clothing!

    BTW: Hoodoo fits the shoe

  19. I have a some questions is Paul Lewis married? Has he got children. How come there is no history on him on his website other than he was born in Jamaica and his parents are or were ministers. Most ministers give info on their family.

  20. the man is a scam both in Jamaica and the Bahamas. He is charge with raping a 15yr old girl in Jamaica presently in police custody.
    God is going to cause bad things to happen to them for abusing his name.

  21. I wonder how all you believers feel now. This man is a PERVERT! He was arrested in Jamaica for have two young teen-age girls in his room – and having sex with them. Anyone who still believes in this guy needs to have their head examined – if they didn’t before. Why do people have to cling to this garbage? Why can’t you find something real to believe in?

  22. Is it correct that Rev. Paul Lewis is behind bars for allegedly having sexual intercourse with two minors in Jamaica? Please correct me if I am wrong someone.

  23. This man is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has been charge with carnal abuse and indecent assault of two young girls.


  24. Sad. Just sad. These con men go to third world countries and not only pray on peoples faith to take thier money but they also go there and abuse the people, literally. And in this case it was children. I wonder if he ever pulled something like this in the States. Probably not.

    I hope they send him to jail IN Jamaica.

  25. Just reading this site makes me sick to my stomach knowing that this level of ignorance exists. In the face of what this man has done, all I can say is you folks deserve to be duped, but is it your fault? None of those lauding this trickster can even write decent English. He targets the uneducated and the ignorant. And he’s going to jail too. Here’s news from another site about this snake oil salesman:

    a Jamaican Lady from Mandeville called a Miami Radio Station last night


    She said a few years ago this Evangelist stayed at her home after preaching a sermon.

    She looked into the room where he was staying, and there was an 11 year old girl on the bed.

    She asked the Evangelist—-“Why is an 11 year old girl on the bed”

    He replied——“I’m going to adopt her”

    The Jamaican lady from Mandeville called the mother of the 11 year old, and asked her why is she in the bed with the Evangelist.

    The Mother of the 11 year old replied——-“He is adopting my child and taking her to America”

    The Jamaican Lady from Mandeville ordered the Mother to come and get her child out of the bedroom. She also ordered the Evangelist to Get out of her house.

  26. No Yvonne, he didn’t have sex with the two. He solicited the 14 year old and she refused and turned him on to her 15 year old friend. He fondled and kissed both of them, had sex with the 15 year old twice whie the 14 year old watched. And he paid her $55 and the watcher $35. What a creep! He introduced them to the world of prostitution.
    But watch the church people, they will claim he was “set up” and blame the girls as harlots. They’re all sick.

  27. This bastard is a pedophile and he is in no way a vessel of the Lord. Now all of you idiots have been buying into his fake crap and you were just following one of Satan’s leaders on Earth.



  29. dear paster paul lewis i am writing you because i need a miracle in my life i would like you to pray for me and my children Beverley Calder

    thank and god bless you

  30. prophet pls pray for me im HIV positive and im pregnant i dont want to die or my kid to be affected pls pray for me prophet also this is my second year noew im graduate but i dont have a job will u pray for me i asks for mercy and fever upon my life and my kid


  32. I don’t have the facts to condemn this man, but what i can say is that i attended one of his crusades and i was absolutely
    impressed in the kinds of marvelous things that he did. Can a man fake these marvelous things. I saw people received their sights old people being healed. People had their phone number revealed , these are just a few of the many things he did . BY what power ? I do not know.

  33. This man needs to step down from the church and work on his own self. He has an eye for young girls nd will try to get with them by any means. What ever happen to him and his ex wife. This man is truely just nasty. He tried to pursue me thinking that i was interested in in his old self. By the way i am 30 years younger than he is. He is extremely creepy. He would just randomly touch me when he was around me.. i never made him feel that i was interested in him. This man is just nasty.

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