Fuck iTunes


This is just the most inane shit I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I was looking to download an audiobook on iTunes to listen to something when I supposedly ride my bike and get into better shape.

You can download Jason Alexander reading Green Eggs and Ham for $2.95.

Ignore for a second that it’s a book that’s supposed to help kids learn to read.

The whole thing is 5 minutes long. You can buy Stairway to Heaven, which is longer, for 99 cents. I’m guessing that it didn’t even cost the maker of this audio book 99 cents to create the fucking thing including paying for the former George Costanza. Insanity.

One Response to “Fuck iTunes”

  1. You need to ride your bike to something that’ll get your blood pumping. Check out this artist called Madonna. Or there’s this band I heard of called Metallica. Worst case scenario, maybe some Menudo, so you can learn to pull some Spanish Language stunts.

    Just ride your fucking bike Sam I Am!!! 🙂

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