Game Show Secrets


I once saw an episode of the Newlywed Game where the question was Name your husband’s favorite Steven Foster song. Wife number two said something like “I have no Fucking idea who Steven Foster is but our favorite song is YMCA by the Village People.” Husband Number Two came out and said “Stephen Foster? Did he write YMCA?” and they got 10 points for that. If I ever find a wife we’re going to choose our answers beforehand. Room – the kitchen. Band – The Bee Gees. Number – 7. Strangest place we ever did it – A city council meeting on Sex Education! You know I’ll be the proud owner of that Broyhill luxury recliner!


I’ve been watching a lot of Match Game reruns and I’ve come to the conclusion that irregardless of the question you’re pretty safe just answering “boobs” every time.
Nipsey Russell is the patron saint of the Game Show Channel. I’m fascinated by those TV game show celebrities like Jaye P Morgan and Bret Sommers and Charles Nelson Reilly. You know those people you recognize as being famous, but you’re really not sure what exactly they are famous for. Every once in a while I think about trying to figure out the Arlene Francis True Hollywood Story, but almost instantly the feeling passes.
What would game shows be without washed up Gay TV actors?
Does he really think his career merited calling himself Jm J Bullock?
I thank god every day that Elvis died before he wound up the center celebrity on Hollywood Squares.
Contestant: Peter I’ll take Elvis for the Block

Peter: Elvis according to the Ladies Home Journal what is more fattening a pound of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches or a pound of valium?
How do you fry peanut butter and bananas anyway?

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