He’s a Longhorn Fan Rip His Dick OFF!


I know, I know fan is short for fanatic.

Guy walked into a bar in Oklahoma wearing a Texas Longhorn T-shirt.  A 53 year old Sooner fan grabbed him in the crotch, pulled him to the ground and wouldn’t let go. Longhorn fan needs 60 stitches. There’s something about the words almost castrated that just makes a man squirm. What idiocy.

Chances are neither of these morons even went to college. Maybe Sooner fan just thought it was a motivational exercise like the time Mississippi State Head Coach, Jackie Sherill, castrated a bull in front of his players before playing Texas.

When you are young, there was a certain nobility in rooting for the home team, especially when they were as bad as they were in my town when I was growing up (Cleveland 1973-1988, nothing but sorrow and pain), but by the time people age it just starts to turn into buffoonery, usually of the loud and drunken sort.

Look, your team winning something is nice. You followed them all through the losing years, you believed in them when no one else did. Fine, but it isn’t really much of a personal achievement. It’s maybe one day to cockily trumpet around the office, but really that’s it. It’s no reason to pull a poor dude’s dick off.

College football is especially a joke. College football is more corrupt than the mafia. Kids risking their lives and futures every day with little or no chance of fair reciprocation, while their schools rake in huge dollars. The high minded talk about getting an education, what a joke. I went to Northwestern, and the amount of time even those kids had to devote to football, made getting any real semblance of an education nearly impossible, especially given that most of the kids were among the least prepared to actually be in college in the first place. I’m not against those kids being given a chance to get a college education, I’m just saying that the school knows that there really isn’t much of a real chance of that actually happening as they count their ticket receipts.

Even if it is your Alma mater, it’s still a joke. Chances are if you ever met a football player, they at best tried to date rape you once. Most schools keep all the players in the same dorm or fraternity, they are a little like a drunken cult. Look if someone from your little club, beats someone else’s little club at cribbage or something it’s very nice, but the minute you start recruiting new members on the basis of their cribbage skills, it becomes something completely different.  

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