How exactly do you protect the Chicago River from LSD contamination?


Was just thinking about the movie Wild in the Streets and its recluse “next James Dean” star Christopher Jones, who apparently melted down in a major way, but unlike Pete Duel didn’t blow his head off.

Jones played a Rock and Roll star in Streets, who leads a movement to have the voting age lowered, becomes president and then puts everyone over 30 in camps that feed them constant LSD to stop them from fucking up the world. Yeah, they had good stuff in the 60s!

Jones was supposed to become a big star, but melted down after a stressful movie with David Lean and friend Sharon Tate’s death. He was so obsessed with the Manson slaying that he went to live in the caretaker’s wing of 10048 Cielo Drive. The place where that dude slept through the Tate slaying. Now that is seriously messed up. He became a recluse and refused roles in both Resevoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, proving that yes Quentin Terrentino is aware of every fucked up Hollywood legend there is.

Anyway, Jones imdb profile mentioned this about Wild in the Streets. “The movie was influential enough to lead to Chicago Mayor Daley having his police protect the city’s reservoirs against LSD droppers during the 1968 Presidential Convention, itself a watershed in U.S. politics when the police rioted against youthful protesters.”

In this day of terrorism paranoia, I am again fascinated. Exactly how do you protect the city’s reservoirs against LSD contamination? Do you post Sean Connery and Kevin Costner at key sections of Lake Michigan?

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