Martina Hingis’ Odd Retirement


Martina Hingus just announced her retirement after a urine test for Wimbleton showed that she used cocaine. She vehemently denies it.

But what an odd denial. She said she won’t fight it because it would be too much of a hassle. She wouldn’t answer any questions at her press conference. And she is of course retiring due to the test. I understand the hassle of fighting a slur, but still it seems odd behavior for someone who is totally innocent.

The really odd thing to me though, is why the hell does Wimbleton test for Cocaine. From my understanding of the drug, it only lasts for like 15 minutes, that’s why it’s such an expensive habit. For Hingis to gain any competitive advantage from Cocaine, and it would be the 1500th choice of anyone smart, she’d have to snort some literally every time it was her turn to serve a new game.

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