Maybe I’m not the sports fan I once was.


Terry Pluto of the Plain Dealer wrote this about yesterday’s Brown’s victory.

“If you were at Cleveland Browns Stadium on this gray day of dropping temperatures . . . Of whirling winds . . . Of blizzard warnings . . . Of chattering teeth and slushy seats . . . You’ll never forget what your team did to raise its record to 9-5 and stay in the playoff race. ”

That wouldn’t have been running through my mind. It would be something more like, “What the hell am I doing here? I’m really fucking cold. Why am I not in front of a fireplace with┬ásome hot chocolate and a hotter chick? What went wrong in my life that I’m standing here in the middle of a bunch of other brainless morons voluntarily freezing my ass off to root for a team that will lose by three touchdowns in the first round of the playoffs.”

Maybe I’m not the sports fan I once was. By the way, my guess is that Terry was either in a heated press box or watching at home.

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