Mike Douglas Serenades John Lennon

This is some pretty amazing stuff – a mid day talk show host letting John Lennon and Yoko Ono parade forth a group of radicals like Bobby Seale for a whole week. How was Mike Douglas not persecuted by the FBI? Lennon was – they tried to deport him three weeks later.

So that’s a pretty gutsy and cool move by Mike Douglas. John was obviously happy with the air time and the respect, but despite his chirpy demeanor and polite, cheerful response, he had to be cringing listening to Mike go William Shatner on mostly Paul’s “Michelle” (probably Paul’s single most syrupy moment ever). Did anyone under 80 really like to listen to Mike Douglas sing? This is about a 99 on the White scale.

So let’s see – a plastic, schmaltzy, big band singer host, a rock and roll legend, his out there caterwauling wife, constant cigarette smoking, and a weeks worth of guests that all happen to be on Richard Nixon’s enemy list. The likes of this will never be seen again.

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  1. my mom and I watched the Mike Douglass show together quite often after school. He had a lot of hip guests.

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