My favorite flame


 Message boards are brutal.

I used to be king of the Felicity newsgroup, but then the show ended and my well chosen audience was dead. Posting on message boards is risky especially if you are wordy and trying to pimp yourself and well, I’m desperate – I have to pimp myself. Often on Full Contact Poker, I’d get flamed for starting worthless flames (I really love to post when altered) or for posting something too long (“can someone give us the Cliffs Note version”)

My favorite flame came on the Nick Digilio message board. Nick Digilio has a pop culture themed radio show on WGN in Chicago, essentially my ideal job, and I’d call it a lot with various degrees of success. Once I called right before the Oscars and basically pimped something I wrote about how lame they were and how I thought Johnny Depp should have won Best Actor for the first Pirates movie.

I then posted the article on his Yahoo message board. Three hours later I got this flame.


If you’re going to insist upon the wholesale reposting of other
people’s writing, rather than providing a synopsis and link, you
could at least credit them.
This was written by one Brad Laidman in 2004, apparently for

This woman apparently smelled a rat and did some research!!!

A bit later Digilio, who rarely posted on his own board posted the following.

QUOTEJust so you know….Brad Laidman himself posted it. Let’s not
assume….because you know what it can do to “u” and “me.”

What a riot – people love to rag on others when they are at home alone – they’ll even use Google to do it!

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