Spike Lee has a movie to promote


I love Spike, but at this point I almost wish that he’d stop using the race card to promote his movies. He came out today and basically called Clint Eastwood a racist for not having any black soldiers in his two Iwo Jima movies. Was he really upset? No clearly, Spike just wants to use his this time not so righteous anger to promote his new movie about blacks in WWII. Is telling the story of blacks in WWII worthwhile? Definitely, although Spikes acknowledgement of Jim Brown in the popcorn Dirty Dozen as a trailblazer is a little out there (subliminal advertising for Spike’s Brown documentary?), but really there was no need to crack on Eastwood.

Eastwood directed a movie lionizing Charlie Parker. Sure it was a little whitebread, as I noted in my review here, but to call Eastwood a racist is loony. He even made the the black actor he aimed his Magnum at in Dirty Harry into Harry’s friend in Sudden Impact!

Seriously though, Clints like 800 years old. He’sĀ orchestrating huge battle scenes with destroyers and tons of pyrotechnics. One movie looks intently at the pain of an American Indian, while the other sympathizes and shows the humanity of the Japanese enemy. Can Spike give him a pass for forgetting to ask for some black extras at the last second?

Besides pal, we both know that Clint could still kick you ass in about 6 seconds.

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