Talk show host? Beware of the elderly


If you are a talk show host. Especially one that hates controversy like Jay Leno, you really need to avoid having older celebs on your show. Why? Older celebs pose the following two serious issues:

1. They are often completely out of touch with what is presently politically correct

2. If they know what is politically correct, they often are too old to actually give a fuck.

Thus Dustin Hoffman, who possibly didn’t realize that old white Jewish guys need to be careful quoting Chris Rock.

“What did Chris Rock say? He said that McCain is so old he once owned Sidney Poitier.”

Dustin then mentioned Bridget Bardot’s vagina and Jay Leno had to be resuscitated offstage. Now if it were my talk show, I’d be having Don Rickles and Bill Cosby on every week, but for a more gentle soul like Jay, he may want to rethink having Robert Blake on any time soon.

Ironically, though, it’s the old people that get upset about this sort of thing.

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  1. I happened to be flipping around and stopped on Leno to hear the Bridget Bardot vagina joke. I thought it was hilarious!

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