Television loves itself a mass murder


You know I really think that the reporter who announced the Hindenburg was displaying real emotion. Everyone since has been totally full of shit, because the media loves itself a mass murder.

Years ago it was a noble thing to be a newsman. You were encouraged to watch the news, but now it’s just another reality show, one worse than porn. News people aren’t upset when tragedy happens, they are wetting themselves in excitement. Face it, if everyone behaves they have nothing to talk about other than the weather, and there are only so many fat funny pseudo meteorologists to go around. These people make their money on tragedy. They love it when people die, the more famous the better. Rape, incest, and genocide are like wet dreams to these crocodile tear purveyors.

And once the massacre is off the main stations, they’ll be producing documentaries about the tragedy for their sister station. It’s bad enough that half of these things happen because the people that commit them want to be famous and on television; it’s worse that the industry is happy to comply. If California hadn’t banned his interaction with the media, Nancy Grace would be interviewing Charlie Manson for his opinion on the latest shoot up in Nebraska right this second.

Face it, this murder and every one to come has been sponsored by Coke or Pepsi, whoever pays more, and if you’re in front of the set trying to make sense of it all for more than 15 minutes, you’re contributing to it. An insane loser did an abhorrant thing, you don’t need to know anything about him, and if you do you’re only abetting the next massacre.

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