Tempted by the Devil seconds after losing faith in God


This has nothing to do with the WSOP. I’m playing 2-5 NL at the Rio. The guy to my left is a solid player. The guy to his left is a drunk with a ton of chips. The Drunk raises to 30 or so and the solid player calls with Q8 suited, ok maybe he isn’t that solid.

The flop is Q J 8 with two clubs. Sober guy checks. Drunk guys bets 100. Sober guy check raises another 170. Drunk guy acts like he has Aces and insta-calls. Turn is a red 4. Sober guy bets 200 more. Drunk guy obviously isn’t going to fold and calls.

The river is a nightmare for the sober guy. It’s the jack of hearts and his two pair have been counterfeited. He has about 150 left, and it’s pretty apparent the drunk guy isn’t going to fold so he checks. Drunk guy goes all in. Sober guy turns into angry guy and hurls his cards at the dealer in disgust.

Here’s where it gets uglier. Drunk guy shows AK of clubs. He had a huge draw and bluffed the river. Drunk guy immediately goes into a Humberto Brenes type dance, as angry guy becomes insane guy. Drunk guy leaves to brag without stacking his chips. Now Furious guy pushes them all over to Drunk guy’s spot like a true jerk.

This is when I find myself on the button with Queens. I raise to thirty and both drunk guy and furious guy call. The flop is Q99 and I can see all the money I’m going to take in from the drunk maniac and the guy on super tilt. Tilt checks. Drunk bets 5. I call looking disgusted. Tilt raises 50. Wonderful! Drunk calls and I move all in for 300 more. Tilt calls immediately for his last 200. Drunk actually folds 10 J showing some rare restraint, and I’m left wishing that tilt had won the last pot.

Tilt has J9. The turn is a Jack and of course the river is a 9. I’m flabbergasted. Tilt hasn’t turned over his cards, but I have to be beat. I show my Queens. Tilt shows his J9.

This is where it gets interesting. The dealer pushes the pot to me. That 9 on the river clearly has shown me that if there is a God he doesn’t give a flying … er care about my benefit. Immediately, as I see the dealer scooping up the cards into the muck, I realize that if I scoop the pot into my chips that the Rio is going to have a pretty hard time taking that $600 away from me, and sadly I can actually use the money.

Tilt guy starts going berserk as I’m faced with the decision whether my soul, which has taken a lot of hits of late, is worth $600. I couldn’t do it, I pushed the money back to him along with the extra $200 I needed to match his stack.

I then lose all faith in Karma as I go on to lose even more of my hard earned cash. Do evil soulless people have more fun? Probably, but I don’t have it in me. Maybe I should take up competitive hopscotch instead.

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