The Britney Pile On


Sure, everyone likes a good train wreck, but should people really be this happy?

Britney’s flop at the MTV Music Awards did not make you rich, famous, or an articulate social pundit.

Fat people are calling her fat. Drug addicts are calling her a drug addict. People are going around acting like they beat up Muhammad Ali in his prime when they really just tripped his modern day shadow and ran away before he could get up. Britney’s tailspin did not make your pathetic life any better.

America’s celebrity envy is way out of control. Sure it’s the build them up and then tear them down cycle that we’ve seen for years, but it has gotten truly venomous and ugly. Last time I checked Britney Spears hadn’t committed any truly Hirler-esque gaffes. I’m not crazy about a music world dominated by the likes of Ashley Simpson and other lightweights, but the mob mentality has gotten just a tad scary. Hurray, her life is going down the toilet. I feel so much better about my pathetic self.

These same people will be glued to the tube and crying when she goes Anna Nicole Smith and blaming it all on everyone else. Let he who doesn’t have Hit Me Baby One More Time on their iPod cast the first stone.

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