The McRib Con


McRib the World’s most successful Con Job

Everyone loves the McRib sandwich! Well, sort of. Actually, everybody just cracks up laughing every time they think about them. “Woo hoo the McRib! I’ve got to have one of those just to tell my grandkids about it.” Then everyone tries it and remembers that the reason they aren’t sold all year long is because they taste like donkey excrement. So McDonalds pulls it away and waits for everyone to forget how bad they are. Twelve months later they bring them back and everyone is lining up for them again.

The McDonalds Interview

Everyone always jokes that anyone could work for McDonalds. You can’t find a job? Have you tried McDonalds? Minimum wage is better than what you are earning watching Oprah every afternoon! Even Beavis and Butthead managed to keep fast food jobs.

If that is true. What must the interview be like at a McDonalds.

“Can you read?”

“Can you use a microwave?”

“Have you committed a felony in the past three days?”

“You don’t do anything more serious than Cocaine do you?”

“Did you find the movie Moulin Rouge to be pretentious?”

“Have you ever voted in Florida?”

“How many nickels are there in a quarter?”

“Do object to wearing really goofy hats?”

“Do you mind having a McRib sandwich for lunch everyday of the week?”

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