Vincent Gallo really needs you to know he’s well endowed


This dude is way mad he’s not considered to be Tommy Lee

In Buffalo 66, Gallo is let out of jail. He soon needs to urinate. Despite the fact that he is waiting for a bus for an hour in a large abandoned field he doesn’t relieve himself. He then whines about it for an hour long bus trip. He finally gets to a bowling alley bathroom and does his business in a urinal where a gay man looks him over and is in awe at his manhood.

I think there’s only one conclusion for this nonsense. The entire opening of the movie is filmed just so he can brag about his endowment.

He then ruins Cloe Sevigny’s career by making her service him on screen in the Brown Bunny. Yes, I’ve seen it. Well, not the movie the scene.

You have a big cock Vince – we get it.

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