Where is Johnny Cochran when you need him?


Al get the Bronco running!

OJ Simpson’s finally going to jail! Dude, age hits us all you can’t keep dodging those tackles forever. Was it really so hard to just sit there in Florida, play golf, and hide your money from Ron Goldman’s father?

Were they trying him for this or what happened in 1994? I should care, but I don’t. Sometimes you just need to get Al Capone for tax evasion. (OK, I don’t really believe this, but let’s try not to ruin the moment.) 

They even apparently managed to do it on the 13th anniversary of his epic acquittal. Nice symbolism Las Vegas.

What happens in Vegas truly does stay there – including now OJ for potentially the rest of his life.

Have fun in prison, buddy. I’m sure your knife skills will come in handy.

3 Responses to “Where is Johnny Cochran when you need him?”

  1. I love this quote by Fred Goldman’s Attorney – David J. Cook, tells TMZ, “Finders keepers, losers weepers. Going to that Las Vegas hotel room was a very bad idea. Robbing those two snooks was a worse idea. But going to jail for beating Fred Goldman out of a payment for the wrongful death judgment … priceless.”

    Cook takes one last dig at O.J. saying, “The road to justice runs from Brentwood and ends in Las Vegas.” Ouch.

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