Bishop Jordan Wants You to Be Rich!


This guy sort of scares me because with his dreads he’s fairly good looking and he’s somewhat eloquent.  Here he is hanging with Reverend Run who he apparently helped out of bankruptcy (I’m not sure who the Lurch looking dude in the middle is).  Bishop Jordan believes that God wants you to be as good a businessman as him.

In his favor, he expects you to work for your money unlike our previous fave Peter Popoff.

He claims to be a prophet (profit?). In case you didn’t get it the first time there is another preacher who says “There is money in the mouth of the prophet.”

Here is a chapter about how God wants you to have wealth.

Here’s my issue with Bishop Jordan. On it says “Bishop E. Bernard Jordan is nothing less than a modern-day prophet. In 1989 he predicted Hurrican (sic)  Katrina, which had a devastating effect on the people of New Orleans.”

There are all kinds of interviews with this guy on the net about making cash, but nobody asked him what he did about the hurricane. Dude had over a decade to get us prepared for this calamity. How many boats did he send those poor motherfuckers?

2 Responses to “Bishop Jordan Wants You to Be Rich!”

  1. Caught this guys’ schtick last week. It was enough to make me throw up. Rev. Ike endorses Jordan and that about says it all! One crook endorsing another.
    These TV preachers need to be banned. They prey on the poor, uneducated and desperate. How can anybody rip people off like this and believe in God?

  2. I want to become a rich 45 year old black man in Minneapolis, MInnesota.

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