Did Lance Armstrong Use Steroids?


The Jehovah Test – God comes to you and forces you to answer a question that he of course knows the answer to.  If you are wrong he takes your life and sends you to hell forever.

Of course, I have no way of knowing for sure, but given The Jehovah Test I am of course forced to answer and my answer is:


Jim Rome likes to say that Armstrong has to be innocent because he was the most tested athlete in all of sports, but I just can’t buy it. Barry Bonds proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that steroids work REALLY well and it’s pretty well taken as a given that cycling is as roided up as any East German woman’s swimming team ever was, so I just can’t believe that anybody clean could dominate the sport like Armstrong did. It’s just not believable.  If I’ve slurred a good man responsible for saving millions from Cancer or whatever those bracelets represent, I guess I’m going to hell.

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