Looking Back at Trump/Rosie


Looking back, the Trump Rosie battle showed a lot about the level of discourse in today’s society.

Rosie: You’re a corrupt charlatan

Trump: You’re fat

Rosie: You’re a terrible person with no morals and you add little to society

Trump: You’re ugly

Shockingly, a lot of people considered Trump the winner. Maybe his eyes have the capability to hypnotize some people. “You are going to give me all your money and get nothing back and feel priviliged to have done business with the satyr known as Trump.” That’s really the only way that I can figure it out. Everything she said about him was true and if anything understated and his responses were all completely personal, usually about her appearance.  People disagreed with Eleanor Roosevelt, they managed to hold back from calling her an old ugly dyke. It was really a low moment for him in a life full of extravagent lows.

Meanwhile, until she went off the air I would hear Bill O’Reilly nightly act like she was Mata Hari and Jane Fonda combined frequently calling into play whether she was mentally well. The thing that really drove Bill crazy was that a ton of people watched her and listened to what she said, tons more than likely knew who Bill O’Reilly was.

The furor that can come from people merely having an opinion and stating it these days is scary to me. You’d think that she was advocating dog fighting or something.

One night I heard Bill very upset because he wanted to get Rosie to answer the question, “Do you want us to win the war?”  a question as loaded as the usual do you support our troops nonsense.

Here’s how I would answer that question. I don’t even understand what winning the Iraq war would mean. If somehow, a loving society emerged that beamed hope, tolerance and democracy throughout the world for thousands of years, then I guess I really hope that we win the war.

Like Rodney Dangerfield suggested in Back to School we could call it fantasyland!

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