Stop Looking for Steve Fossett



Why is something called the Nevada Civil Air Patrol out looking for billionaire Steve Fossett? If you have a billion dollars and want to live like the Evel Knieval of long distance ballooning, then you should have your own Civil Air Patrol. No one seems to mention who is paying for all of this. He’s either already dead or will just wander out of the mountains one day, so really who are they helping?

It’s fine with me if you have a billion dollars and instead of trying to make the world a better place you go all world adventurer on us, just don’t expect me to help or care if you run into a power line somewhere. America is in love with billionaires. Some people even like Donald Trump, who is a sort of conman billionaire. I have no idea if Trump really has two nickles to rub together, but he sort of figured out that if he claimed to be a billionaire loudly and audaciously long enough that people would believe him. A lot of those people lost a lot of money.

Trump also has this – we all want you to be as rich as us con going. The it’s America jump in club, but really that’s just another way for him to sell books and make some real money. If everyone was as rich as Donald Trump than Donald Trump wouldn’t be rich and he’d immediately kill himself.

Sure Bill Gates is giving away tons of money and George Soros seems like he has a social conscious. Good for them. Bill Gates couldn’t make a dent in his net worth if he put it all into cash, dumped it into the Grand Canyon and set it on fire. God help him if he isn’t giving a little bit of money to charity.

Why do we keep rooting for the Yankees? Which show has less morals in a usual episode Jerry Springer or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? Just because someone has more money than you doesn’t make them your better. Steve Fossett can look after himself for all I care.

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