Temptation: A God I Wish I Were Dead Moment


One of these two doesn’t return the other one’s calls anymore.

Sometimes there is nothing more fun than watching television. Sometimes what you are watching is so wretched that it makes you gasp in horrow at what a waste you’ve made of your life.


The other night there was a game show on called Temptation. It was a cheesy rip off of that mid-80s game show Sale of the Century, with essentially the same mid-80’s type prizes – handbags, couches, etc. Not exactly Deal or No Deal type pay offs.

These prizes were being vied for by three ex-American Idol Contestants.

Justin Guarini, who while he did finish second in year one – remains the biggest American Idol post-show flop ever. Some guy named Bucky is selling records finishing like 9th in season 20 and Guarini can’t even get a free copy of the From Justin to Kelly DVD.

Kimberly Caldwell, who didn’t do particularly well on the show, but was cute enough to get hired to cover American Idol gossip for some station no one really watches.

and Mikaela Gordon, who was known for being — well, really annoying.

Basically grade z celebrities competing for grade z prizes on a grade z set with a grade z host. Thank God I didn’t have a gun handy.

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